Organic Products We Carry


We have a variety of organic products in the store. Below is a list of some organic manufacturers and their products that we carry:

Alexia – Frozen Potatoes (Fries)
Amano – Miso
Ancient Harvest – Grains
Amy’s Kitchen – Soup, Beans, Pizza, Burritos, Pies, Entree
Annie’s Homegrown – Dry Pasta
Annie’s Natural – Salad Dressing
Arla – Cheese
Aromalife – Coconut Oil
Avalon – Milk, Cheese
Barley – Pearled, Certified Organic
Barbara’s Bakery – Cereal
Baronia – Dry Pasta
Bavarian – European Bread
Best Gourmet Coffee
Better Life Coffee
Bio Fit – Dill Pickles, Sauerkraut, Red Cabbage, Cherries
Bioitalia – Canned Beans, Canned Tomato, Dry Pasta
Bionaturae – Dry Pasta
Blue Star Farms – Crackers
Bob’s Red Mill – Baking Mix, Flour, Aluminum Free Baking Powder, Hot Cereal, Cereals & Grains, Sea Salt, Beans, Flax Seeds & Meals, Shredded Coconut, Soup Mixes, Textured Vegetable Proteins, Granolas
Bragg – Liquid Amino, Cider Vinegar
Campbell’s – Broth
CAMP – Maple Syrup
Canadian Organic Maple – Maple Syrup
Cape De Hoop – Tea
Capilano – Honey
Castor & Pollux – Pet Food
Celestial Seasonings – Tea
Choice – Tea
Cocoa Camino – Chocolate, Cocoa
Country Choice – Cookies, Rolled Oats
Crofter’s – Jam
Dagoba – Chocolate Bars
Dairyland – Milk
Dan-D Organic – Dried fruits, Seeds, Rice, Grains
Del Duca – Balsamic Vinegar
Delba – Rye Bread
Earth’s Best – Baby Food
Earth’s Choice – Coconut Milk
Eden Organic – Canned Beans, Pasta Sauce, Canned Tomatoes, Nuts, Rice Vinegar, Apple Sauce, Dry Pasta, Sauerkraut, Beans & Grains
Elias – Honey
Energy Max – Energy Drink
Equibar – Fruit & Nut Bars
Ethical Bean – Coffee, Tea
European Bread – Bread
Everland – Sauce, Oil
Farmer First – Coffee
Farmer’s Market – Pumpkins
Five Roses – Flour
Food For Life – Cereal, Bread, Tortillas
Four O’Clock – Tea
Golden Temple – Cereal (Peace)
Green & Black’s – Chocolate
Green Cuisine – Amasake, Tempeh
Guayaki – Yerba Mate
Guiltless Gourmet – Burrito Wrap, Corn Tortillas, Salsa
Happy Planet – Fruit Juice, Yogurt Drinks
Health Valley – Soups
Healthy Handfuls – Baby Cookies
Healthy Times – Cookies, Baby Food, Baby Cereal
Heinz – Ketchup
Hime – Rice
Imagine Foods – Soup, Broth, Soy Beverage
India’s Own – Basmati Rice
Kasie – Cereal
Kettle Foods – Tortilla Chips, Potato Chips
Kicking Horse Coffee
Kikkoman – Soy Sauce
L’ancêtre – Cheese
La Chaudière – Cheese
La Molisana – Vinegar, Tomatoes
Lakewood – Juices
Level Ground – Coffee
Liberty – Yogurt
Life Source – Jam, Mustard, Mayonaise
Life Stream – Dry Pasta
Lily of The Desert – Aloe Vera
Little Creek – Salad Dressing
Lundberg – Rice, Rice Cake
Manitoba Harvest – Hempseed, Hempseed Oil, Hempseed Shake
Maple Hills Farm – Eggs
Maranatha – Peanut Butter
Mary’s Gourmet Crackers
Mastrodonato – Olive Oil
McCormick – Spices
Mestemacher – Rye Bread
Meunerie Milanaise – Flour
Misura – Dry Pasta
Morrenberg – Prune Nectar
Muzi – Tea
Nairn’s – Oak Cakes
Napa Valley – Oil
Native Forest – Canned Fruit, Artichokes, Coconut Milk
Natra Care – Tampons
Natur-A – Soy Beverage, Rice Beverage
Nature’s Choice – Spices
Nature’s Gate – Shampoo, Conditioner
Natural Value – Coconut Milk
Nature’s Path – ereal, Granola, Granola Bar, Hot Cereal, Cookies, Crackers, Pancake Mix, Cookie Mix
New World Natural Foods – Sugar, Syrup, Sauces, Salsa, Nut & Seed Butter, Granola, Bread
North Coast Naturals – Protein Powder
Nunweiler’s – Flour, Pancake Mix
Nutiva – Hempseed Oil
Nuts to You – Nut Butter
Olympic Yogurt – Yogurt, Soy Yogurt
Organic Sensations – Rice Cakes
Pacific Foods – Soup, Broth
Plum-M-Good – Rice Cake
Prairie Harvest – Dry Pasta, Kamut
Purely Decadent – Non-Dairy Desserts
Que Pasa – Salsa, Tortilla Chips, Corn Tortillas
R.W. Knudsen – Beverage
Real Brew – Beverage
Real Foods – Corn Thins
Ridgeway – Tea
Rooibos – Tea
Royal City – Beans, Honey, Ketchup, Tomatoes
Ruth’s Foods – Hemp Oil
Salt Spring Coffee
San Giuliano – Olive Oil
San J – Soy Sauce
Santa Cruz – Beverage
Shady Maple Farm – Maple Syrup
Shaman – Shampoo, Conditioner
Simply Natural – Ketchup, Salad Dressing, Salsa, Pasta Sauce
So Nice – Soy Beverage
Spectrum – Oil, Vinegar
Stanlbush Island Farms – Frozen Veggie, Frozen Fruit
Stash Tea
Sunrise Soyganic – Tofu
Terra Nostra – Chocolate
Tetley – Tea
Thai Kitchen – Coconut Milk, Noodles
The Heirloom Bean Co. – Dry Beans, Soup Mix
Third Planet – Chopped Garlic, Garlic Puree, Ginger Puree
Thomas’ Utopia – Tomatoes, Pasta Sauce
Tinkyada – Dry Pasta
Tomato Garden – Tomato Sauce, Salsa
Touch Organic – Tea
Traditional Medicinals – Tea
Tubi’s – Licorice
Uprising Bread
Vitasoy – Soy Beverage
Vivani – Chocolate, Chocolate Spread
Whole Alternatives – Popping Corn
Wholesome Sweetener’s – Sugar
Wolfgang Puck – Soups, Broths
Woolwich – Cheese
Yu – Rice Beverage
Yves – Canned Beans
Zazu Bean – Chocolate

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