Donald's Market. Packed with Healthy Varieties.

Packed with Healthy Varieties

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About Donald's Market


Donald’s Market has been serving the Sunrise neighbourhood since 1986. The store has evolved from mostly produce with a small selection of essential grocery to the wide selection we have today. We carry just about everything you need to run your household, including food, drinks, personal care products, cleaning supplies, kitchen tools, pet supplies, and more. We carry both conventional and organic products.


We invite you to come to Donald’s Market and experience our diverse product selection and great prices.


A brief history about Donald's Market:


Donald’s Market started with less than 2,500 square feet and six staff members, retailing mostly produce at the Hastings location.
We expanded to 4,000 square feet of retail space.
Another 4,500 square feet was added to our retail space, which enabled us not only to carry more grocery, but we also added fresh meat and hot deli sections to the store
We introduced our Organic food section.
A second Donald’s Market was opened on Commercial Drive.
A third Donald’s Market was opened in River Market, New Westminster.